New year, new stories…

The idea of a travel blog has been in my mind for quite some time. As the new year is starting I though this is a good time to try something new.

This New Year’s eve was a bit different as the city of Helsinki organized huge block or street party to welcome the 100th independence year of Finland. There was a promise of massive fireworks together with some of Finland’s top performers in a free concert downtown. So I took my camera and headed downtown. The whole stretch of Mannerheimintie had been closed from the center up to Opera House for the festivities. In the park next to Töölönlahti there were some illuminated art and DJs playing music for people to dance to.


Töölonlahti scenery


Finlandia Concert Hall and the main stage lights behind it

The actual stage for the performances was built in the middle of Kansalaisaukio and by the time we got there at 9:30pm it was already packed with people.


Main stage for the performances

The performances on stage included some of the top artists in Finland singing their hits songs and nostalgic Finnish tunes. Also multimedia shows, dancing and acrobatics were included. Well before midnight I returned back to the shore of Töölönlahti to be in front row for the fireworks. I thought the fireworks together with Darude’s Sandstorm in the background was quite impressing.

_mg_9870_mg_9883_mg_9922_mg_9937_mg_9942Happy New Year 2017!


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