USA roadtrip #1 – Nevada, Arizona, Utah

Road trips are the best ways to see multiple destinations during one holiday trip. We found good flight deals to Las Vegas for March 2016 and started to plan road trip to the US. There are several National Parks and Monuments around this area with incredible scenery so we started to add them on a list. In the end our list of places to visit included over ten different parks, monuments or destinations across three states meaning that we would need to do a lot of driving and spend approximately one night per place in order to see them all. The final planned route can be seen in the map below.

For the road trip we rented a car from Budget and I have to admit that I cannot recommend that to anyone. The car itself was a 4×4 Jeep Compass and in nice condition as well as perfect for our planned trip. However what the rental place did not mention to us was that the car would need to be returned washed (I have never heard before that you need to wash the rental car before returning?!) and as we were not aware of this the company billed us extra $100 for the wash on return. Originally we had chosen car from Budget as it was least expensive option for our travel dates and car requirements. However after their additional expenses (that were not mentioned when booking) it would have been cheaper to choose some other company.


We were on a budget so we stayed mostly in motels and only booked the first three nights in Vegas beforehand. Other accommodations we booked usually online the evening before when we had planned our next stop. Sometimes though we had to modify our plans if all places were fully booked or very expensive. We usually also bought breakfast and lunch materials from supermarkets. There are a lot of nice picnic tables in the parks to enjoy lunch and the view.


Arches National Park, Utah

Because our planned trip included mainly National parks and monuments we decided to purchase a National Parks annual pass as that would provide us entrance to most of the places we wanted to see (the annual pass was 80$ vs. ~200$ with separate vehicle fees). This can be bought from most National Parks.

Overall this trip was really great and we saw many amazing sceneries on the way. I would also suggest that you have more than one driver as the distances are actually quite long. I will write separate posts of the different parks and monuments on our trip with photos of the views.


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