USA roadtrip #5 – Monument Valley

This is something I have been waiting to take pictures from for a long time… Monument Valley. Scene for many old western films and some newer ones. We splurged this night and booked a room just outside the park from Goulding’s Lodge. Our balcony had a view directly to the park!


We purchased the park ticket already in the evening (valid for couple of days, not included in the National Park pass) and went for a short ride between the rocks though the light was fading. Did not get many good pictures in the park, it was too dark. Of course we had to take the sunset picture 🙂 …

In the morning we got up early and drove up to the Visitor Center to get sunrise pictures. Good thing that the hotel was close by because after the “mandatory” photographing we went back to our room to get some breakfast and pack the car.

Unfortunately for us the wind was picking up during the morning which lifted the sand in the air making our pictures bit blurry. We drove around the park on a sand road loop trail between the majestic rocks. Defying the gusty wind and everywhere sticking sand we did manage to jump out of the car every once in a while.

In the evening we headed north to Monticello for the night. We wanted to take some sunset pictures from the nearby Needles Overlook but run into snowstorm when driving to the mountains. We quickly decided to turn around and get back to the hotel before we would be stuck on the mountain in snow and without winter tires.

Snowstorm Montecito.jpg

What and interesting weather with morning spend in a gusty sand storm and by evening surrounded by snow!


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