USA Roadtrip #8 – Bryce Canyon

This national park was like non other I have visited so far. Definitely my favorite park of the whole trip. We stayed for two nights in a small cabin close to Bryce Canyon and spent one whole day walking in the park. The cabins were located in a small town called Cannonville and each of them had kitchen and a barbeque. So we were able cook picnic lunch to take to the park and nice barbeque dinner when we got back.

Bryce Canyon NP (14)

View from Sunrise Point

Bryce Canyon is known for its “hoodoos” or bulbous columns created by weather and climate changes (frost-wedging) in higher elevation. We headed directly after getting a map from the Visitor Center to Sunrise Point. After admiring the view and takin hundred photos we headed down to Queens Garden trail. It was quite steep in the beginning and some snow and ice was still visible from the night time. This all melted when the sun got up and started warming the air. It was incredible to walk this narrow path with steep drop on the other side and orange covering hoodoos on the other. At the end of the trail there was “hoodoo” which did as it was named look a bit like a queen with its crown and long dress. We continued our path on the trail going to the bottom of the canyon and then joining to Navajo Loop trail.

We headed up the Navajo Loop Trail (not a loop as Wall Street portion of it was closed due to weather conditions and erosion). This was again steep climb up on a clayey path with no security fences. At the same time this climb was the best hike so far during the whole trip. The views when climbing up were unbelievable and the sun shined warmly. I truly enjoyed this part. The trail comes up to the Sunset Point so after a short picnic break we walked back on the rim trail to our car waiting for us in Sunrise Point.

We drove to see the other scenic points also and apart from Bryce Point I have to admit that the best views are from Sunrise and Sunset Points.

In the evening we returned to the park to take pictures of the sunset.


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