Lofoten Islands – day hiking

I mentioned in my previous post that we visited in August 2016 Lofoten islands in northern Norway to take photos of their amazing nature and to do some day hikes. The hike locations and routes were inspired by 68north blog which has great instructions and pictures of different hikes around the islands.

After looking through most of different recommended routes and their difficulty levels we ended up taking three one day / half day trails during our trip: Røren, Festvågtind and Kvalvika Beach. Just to mention that Lofoten trails have a bit different difficulty levels than what we have at least here in Finland. For me the hike up to Festvågtind, although scaled as moderate, felt quite rough and the climb was very steep. I do need to admit though that I am not very accustomed to hiking on mountains and this might also be why I felt it more difficult than anticipated by the description.


As our first hike we chose Røren which is a moderate (quite easy, though winding steep path in the mid-way)trail and started from Yttersand Beach (left from car park and across the sheep enclosure). This was easy and nice start to hiking on Lofoten. It took us approximate one hour to climb up and the views from top of the mountain towards Yttersand beach were beautiful. We took lunch with us and enjoyed it together with the view on top. It is good to bring a light jacket or hoodie even in warmer summer days as the wind gets a bit cold on the top.


The second hike we did was just before to Festvågtind with great views over the town of Henningsvær. The start of the trail is not very clearly marked but it seems to be quite popular (at least during summer) so we followed some other hikers to the start. There are some parking places by the road in Festvåg and trail starts across the road few hundred meters towards Henningsvær. Beginning of the trail was over large boulders but then continued steep uphill on both sides of a rock fall. On this trail I was really happy to have hiking sticks to keep balance and help me climb up the path. Halfway up the trail divides into two, the right one going to a lower peak with a pond on top and the left one continuing to the top. It was very warm and sunny day and it took us with a lot of stops over 2 hours to climb to the top (take plenty of water!). The view from the top over Henningsvær was definitely worth the climb. On our way down we took a different path and walked to have a lunch break at the pond on the lower peak. The water was freezing cold though some local kids were swimming in it on our way up. As the hill was still steep going down it took us some time long to get back to the car (and my legs were shaking after it, great workout;)). After the hike we drove few minutes to Henningsvær for well deserved ice-creams.

Our third and final hike was quite easy, a bit over an hour hike to Kvalvika beach. The parking lot to for the beach is along the road after a town called Fredvang. The parking space is not very big and the beach is popular. When we arrived there early evening the lot was full but luckily as we came for the sunset some people were already leaving and after few minute wait we were able to secure a spot in the official parking lot. There is a clear stone path in the beginning of the trail (trail marker by the road) and some planks to get over the muddiest parts. First half of the trail is uphill until you see over the pass to the beach. This was definitely the best place to get sunset pictures of the whole stretch of sand. The beach itself consists of two parts accessible on low tide but cut off by rocks on higher water. The beach is popular camping place and many people were staying there for the night.

From these hikes Kvalvika Beach was the easiest and Festvågtind the roughest. All were approximately half day trips (for Festvågtind I would reserve more time) depending on how many stops are taken or how much time wants to stay at the end before returning. Here some more pictures of our Lofoten trip. Beautiful place, great hiking possibilities and the natures is just… wow! Well recommended 🙂


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