Searching snow and Aurora Borealis 2/2

As I wrote earlier we spent a week up north in Lapland to enjoy snow and photograph Northern Lights. We did two snowshoe hikes in Luosto National park, one to the Pikku-Luosto and another one to hike up on top of Ukko-Luosto. The latter was not official winter route and we followed the signs for the summer hike.

The hike up to Ukko-Luosto was a bit more demanding than the first one as it was all uphill one way with few quite steep parts (at least with snowshoes, though without them would probably have sunk knee deep in the snow). The sunrise was beautiful though several clouds were rising in the horizon.


Hike up to Ukko-Luosto to see the sunrise


Sunrise from Ukko-Luosto


Not even close to the top yet, but sun is already on its highest


Sunset on Ukko-Luosto

After reaching over the tree line the weather started to get a bit snowy and after a while we couldn’t see either the top of the fell nor the bottom. At his stage we decided that it would be safer to just turn around and head back before we got snowed in or lost from the trail.


Visibility getting bad closer to the top


Turn-around point, better head back down

We also walked a trail in Pyhä National Park (25 km southeast from Luosto). The tourist information in the ski center gave a great map with all different trails and tips on which ones to take. The one we chose took also about 4 hours looping from the skicenter to Pyhäkuru (a pass between two peaks) and back. This trail was more crowded and people were able walk on the snowy path with normal shoes. Also whereas in Luosto we only saw two to three people during the whole hike here there were a quite lot of traffic with people walking and skiing on the marked trails. It was a really nice outing, the temperatures raised to -4 Celsius, however due to cloudy weather picture wise it was not the best hike.


Snowshoeing! 🙂


Pyhäkuru trail (pass between the two peaks)


First peak of Pyhä Tunturi & ski center from the backside (south side)

After our second nights beautiful light show by mother nature we eagerly followed the weather forecasts for clear night skies and the Meteorological Institute web page for the magnetic disturbance level (=Aurora Borealis possibilities). I have to admit that I have dreamed of seeing proper (=big, firework type) northern lights my whole life but for some reason have always been in the wrong place.

This time we were extremely lucky one night as we were just about to give in (around mid-night) after taking pictures of the cloud formations on the horizon for quite a while in -32 Celsius temperature when suddenly the night sky just light alive. The lights danced across the whole sky, and not just the northern horizon, with green, white and purple ribbons. It took about 5 minutes for the spectacular main show before calming down.


Full on show across the whole sky

Of course my camera + tripod malfunctioned due to the cold weather and urgency to take pictures. In the end I just sat on the ground and watched the show (though I did manage to get few shots after it calmed down a bit :)).


“Calming down”

On our last night the sky was a bit cloudy and moon was really bright so we did not see as spectacular show as the two other nights. This time we walked up to Pyhä Tunturi ski slopes to the north side and got some pics of the moonlight and some lighter Aurora Borealis over the fells.


Moonlight over the ski slopes


Overall I loved the trip and snowshoeing was a great option instead of cross-country skiing or slalom (also was easier to stop for photos). Around Luosto there are several great ski tracks also which I would have loved to take, though they are accessible only with skis. Luosto National Park and ski center was definitely quieter than the one in Pyhä. Car was easy and convenient way to get around between these two towns and parks. However there are also public busses to the ski centers from larger cities such as Rovaniemi (railroad and airport) and if the accommodation is close to the ski center there might not even be need to rent a car.


Searching snow and Aurora Borealis 1/2

After new year we decided to take a road trip up north to take snow pictures and hopefully see the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis. Winter this year has been quite warm here in southern Finland so up north we would be guaranteed to see piles of snow. Our chosen destination was Pyhä-Luosto National Park close to Sodankylä in Finnish Lapland. Of course with our luck our trip was on the coldest week of the winter (at least so far), temperatures declining to -14 all the way to -33 Celsius (from 7 to -27 degrees Fahrenheit).

The drive from Helsinki through Oulu and Rovaniemi to Luosto (930 km) took us approx. 12 hours not including pit stops. In Rovaniemi we stopped for photo break on the Arctic Circle and to have a glance of Santa Claus’s Workshop.


Santa Claus Village – Arctic Circle, Rovaniemi

From Luosto we had rented a nice cottage (through Pyhä-Luosto Matkailu) with two bedrooms, large common area, kitchen and of course sauna. The cabin was just outside of the National Park and few kilometers from the ski resort. We did not plan to ski, but brought snow shoes to take photo walks in the fells.


Weather wise we were really lucky as it only snowed one day and was cloudy for two nights during the whole week. Second evening after sun set (approx. 1:30 pm, but it was dark by 3 pm) we drove to small town called Pelkosenniemi just to see how it looked. It also is hometown of a Finnish rock-musician Andy McKoy. We were just coming out of the local supermarket when we noticed the beautiful green ribbon across the sky… Northern Lights!!! They were really bright as we could see them in spite of the street lights. Quickly we drove to the other side of the river where there were no lights to get some pictures.


Mobile picture taken just outside the supermarket at the town center


Northern Lights @ Pelkosenniemi

On our way back we stopped at Luosto Lappland hotel and walked behind it to small lake which was perfect, dark place to see the light show mother nature provided us.


@Ahvenlampi, Luosto

In the next days we did couple of snowshoe hikes in Luosto National Park and one in Pyhä National park (approx. 25km from Luosto). We had our own snowshoes with, but you can also rent them from the ski center (23€/day, 60€/week). There are several marked trails and maps. My favorite was a loop trail across Pikku-Luosto where we saw the sunrise (11:30 am) and sunset (1:15pm). This loop took us with all photo stops 4 hours (in the freezing -33 Celsius weather). Basically we spent the whole time it was light outside on the trail. Trail was clearly marked with blue tags and poles + other people also had walked on it so there was visible trail on the snow. Halfway there was a cafe at the Amethyst mine where they served freshly baked sweet rolls (pulla in Finnish) and you could warm up with cup of hot chocolate.


Hiking on Pikku-Luosto


Sunset @Pikku-Luosto


Frosty pines


View of Ukko-Luosto from top of Pikku-Luosto

New year, new stories…

The idea of a travel blog has been in my mind for quite some time. As the new year is starting I though this is a good time to try something new.

This New Year’s eve was a bit different as the city of Helsinki organized huge block or street party to welcome the 100th independence year of Finland. There was a promise of massive fireworks together with some of Finland’s top performers in a free concert downtown. So I took my camera and headed downtown. The whole stretch of Mannerheimintie had been closed from the center up to Opera House for the festivities. In the park next to Töölönlahti there were some illuminated art and DJs playing music for people to dance to.


Töölonlahti scenery


Finlandia Concert Hall and the main stage lights behind it

The actual stage for the performances was built in the middle of Kansalaisaukio and by the time we got there at 9:30pm it was already packed with people.


Main stage for the performances

The performances on stage included some of the top artists in Finland singing their hits songs and nostalgic Finnish tunes. Also multimedia shows, dancing and acrobatics were included. Well before midnight I returned back to the shore of Töölönlahti to be in front row for the fireworks. I thought the fireworks together with Darude’s Sandstorm in the background was quite impressing.

_mg_9870_mg_9883_mg_9922_mg_9937_mg_9942Happy New Year 2017!

First blog post

Okey, my first blog post…

A friend once told me that I will miss all great experiences because of looking at them through the lens of my camera. In my opinion I get to relive them through the pictures long after the moment has gone. The reason I wanted to start writing this blog is to share these moments and pictures with you. I love to travel and see different places, experience different cultures and search for the perfect picture. 

I am not currently travelling so will be posting pictures and stories of previous trips as well as new ones. I found new enthusiasm to learn more on photographing so I have also done weekend trips and day trips locally in Finland and try to share pictures and tips on these as well.


My trusted travel companion has been Canon 7 D for couple of years now, however I also take pictures with my Lumia 950 (especially on everyday life) and Canon PowerShot SX600HS (good zoom &compact size to carry in pocket).